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BMW and Mini Service in Durham, NC

Also Servicing Chapel Hill & Surrounding Areas

 Our BMW service is top notch and we continue to learn about each new product produced.  Our Service facility is able to handle all your BMW needs, from standard service 1 or 2 to full blown S85 V10 engine rebuilds.  Most parts are in stock including filters, brake parts, suspension componenets, tires etc. to ensure a shorter wait time.  Computer/module scanning and coding is performed with the use of Autologic diagnostic units.  We also perform N62 valve jobs, mechatronic/transmission, and DME jobs as well.

Want more from your M BMW?  Contact us about adding more to your BMW from ECU tunes, exhaust upgrades, suspension, wheels and more.

BMW service in progress in Durham, NC

M6 S85 Engine Rebuild

M6 S85 Engine Rebuild

07 BMW 750LI valve job for the N62 engine

M5 Intake, ECU Tune, Pully upgrade, exhaust, header and suspension.

M5 Custom Exhaust